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From: Jon Dorbolo <dorboloj[_at_]>
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 09:24:00 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 30 Aug 1996, Mary Barnett <mbarnett[_at_]> wrote:
> A colleague asked me about using clipart on our website and I thought
> I would also pose the quesion here. The clipart comes from a Claris
> software package which we purchased.
> * How does clipart differ from images/photographs?
> * Can we use it on our website without requesting permission from
> Claris (or others)?
> * Are there other issues we should be aware of/attend to before we
> would do this?
> Thanks for any advice and/or guidance you can offer.


This is from "Creating Great Web Graphics," Laurie McCanna, (MIS Press: 1996);

"If you've read the licensing agreement for the clipart you have (and I know you have), you will recall a little paragraph about not allowing electronic distribution of the clipart. You can't get abny closer to electronic distribution than posting something to a web page."

"For instance, the Corel Guidelines for Clipart Use, found at the front of the CORELDRAW 6 clipart book, says "You may not...use the clipart images' electronic format...unless the clipart image is embedded and for viewing purposes only."

"I've been checking with various clipart companies, and there is no single answer for using clipart on web pages. many companies hadn't come up with a decision about clipart and Web use at the time I asked." (p.154)

Hope this helps.


Jon Dorbolo
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