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Hello all,

Here is an interesting project that might have some copyright issues, the Internet Archive at

They are storing an archive of the WWW for historical and research purposes. Is this "fair use"? (non-profit, educational, ....) It is similar to the AltaVista, or maybe closer to Open Text (from which you can retrieve a full document, even if it no longer on the net).

Does it matter that a document may be stored for a long period of time? Is this simply a "photograph" of what one can currently publicly see?

For the Internet Archive full documents (and more, see below) are being stored, there is not pointer to the original document. Thus a person who puts up a document may find it stored for prosperity in a form that might have been changed at a later date (hmmm....... suppose you put up some pro-hemp documents, and then 30 years later wanted to run for office or be a judge......:)

Anyway it seems an interesting project, certainly it will be an useful tool for researchers, but one could see misuses or unintended uses of this type of information. And it sort of shows that some the temporary publishing on the web might not be that temporary (The mean lifetime of a web object is only 44 days, National Laboratory for Applied Network Research).



Here is some info from the pages at

Building a Digital Library for the Future

Our Mission Internet Archive is gathering, storing, and providing access to public materials on the Internet such as the World Wide Web, Netnews, and downloadable software. The collection, reaching ten terabytes, will provide historians, researchers, scholars, and others access to this vast collection of data, and ensure the longevity of the information.


Once the archive has been gathered and stored, the serving architecture will be tested and made available so that the public (historians, scholars, and users) can access the archive to obtain World Wide Web, Gopher, Netnews, Audio and/or Video clips, etc.) that may, or may not, be available on the net. The Internet Archive is planning to use a server with attached disk farms for popular web sites and other content, along with access to the ADIC and ATL multiple-drive automated tape libraries.

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