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From: David Dailey <David.P.Dailey[_at_]>
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 09:03:51 -0400

Mary Barnett (mbarnett[_at_] writes:
> A colleague asked me about using clipart on our website and I thought
> I would also pose the quesion here. The clipart comes from a Claris
> software package which we purchased.

Most clip art that is bundled in with software comes with some pretty explicit statements of licensure from the vendor. Usually this includes the right to use it as a part of print publications, but does not allow for "rebroadcast" on wide-area networks (like the Web). Best to check with Claris on this.

> * How does clipart differ from images/photographs?

In terms of copyright, it's basically the same: an original expression fixed in a tangible medium. Right to copy is exclusively held by owner of the copyright.

> * Can we use it on our website without requesting permission from
> Claris (or others)?

Probably not, though check the license agreement.

> * Are there other issues we should be aware of/attend to before we
> would do this?

Basically, if Claris doesn't agree, then any infringement you put on the web is that much more likely to be caught, by virtue of its widespread visibility. Public domain stuff is less entangled.

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