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Date: Wed, 04 Sep 96 12:10:13 EST

Hello all,

One of our department chairs contacted me this morning with a problem, so I thought I'd ask your assistance.

In August, she was informed by the publisher that a workbook-type book that has been used as a required text for an education class is out of print. The publisher has no plans to run another printing.

Before asking me, they remembered that out of print sources can be copied. They took it upon themselves to copy about 60% of the text, and are selling it in the college bookstore (to those enrolled in that class only) for the photocopying costs.

I made the following suggestions - after telling her I didn't think it was a good idea to make so many copies (they need 180 copies for the fall and spring semesters): 1) Find another textbook. (I was told that there are no other textbooks that cover this material.) 2) Be sure to copy the title page and the verso of the title page _and_ attach a notation to each copy stating that this title is out of print as per the publisher on whatever date.

There are a couple of things that trouble me about this. First, the fact that so many copies were reproduced and second, the fact that they are selling the copies in the bookstore.

I told the chairman that I would check with you folks, and contact Copyright Clearance Center (to have them contact the chairman directly) and find out what I could. The chairman told me that "what's done is done for this semester" but we need to find out what should be done for next semester.

All help gratefully accepted!

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