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Steve Jamar wrote, in response to a list of very detailed questions about electronic and board games and other merchandise based loosely on TV series, movies, etc.:

> There are other possibilities lurking here such that what you
> are doing is not infringing or that what was done is not
> copyrightable or what you are doing is just implementing the
> ideas and not the copyrightable work. But that would take a
> great deal more detail to figure out and would probably
> not have a definitive answer.

I agree with Steve here. When I look back at the original post and long list of questions it seems obvious to me that there are many many copyright, trademark and other legal issues to consider, even before you get to the question of how a particular implementation might or might not infringe, or who would own what.

If these questions are tied to an existing situation or a contemplated venture, I recommend an hour or two of a copyright lawyer's time.


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