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From: Sarah Wernick <70530.435[_at_]CompuServe.COM>
Date: 09 Sep 96 08:53:44 EDT

Barbara Herbert <herbert[_at_]> Instructional Media Librarian, Georgian Court College asked about copying an out-of-print workbook that has been used as a required text in an education class.
> They took it upon themselves to copy about 60% of the text, and are
> selling it in the college bookstore (to those enrolled in that class
> only) for the photocopying costs.


> I told the chairman that I would check with you folks

A copy of that message was forwarded to Carol Risher, Vice President for Copyright of the Association of American Publishers, who authorized me to post the following reply from her:

Sarah Wernick

Out of print does NOT mean out of copyright. The Department Chair who called the publisher should have asked for permission to make the needed copies. Many publishers appreciate the calls and the requests and judge whether or not to put a book back into print by the number of such calls. Many will grant free permission during this phase when they are deciding, but they might also assess a small fee. The incorrect assumption was that there was no fee nor any requirement to seek permission when she or he learned that the book was out of print.

Carol Risher
Vice President for Copyright
Association of American Publishers.
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