It's not a joke. Really, I'm serious.

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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 07:10:40 -0500

After Bill Gates dies in a tragic accident sitting at his computer, his soul goes to Saint Paul who says:

"Bill, since you helped us so much in the world by creating new technology
and Windows 95, we're going to give you the option of choosing between heaven and hell. What is your choice?"

"May I see one or the other first?"

St. Paul takes him to hell...
Upon entering he sees a beach with thousands of playboy bunnies, and everyone is having fun and drinking it up...

"Wow!, now I can't wait to see heaven!"

St. Paul takes him to heaven and he sees a place with puffy clouds and little angels playing harps...

"I made up my mind and I want to go to hell."

"OK, to hell you go." answered St. Paul.

In three months St. Paul visits hell and sees a sweating Bill Gates in chains receiving lashes from many little devils.

"Hey, what happened to the hell you showed me?!
"What, the one with the beach?" says St. Paul.
"Oh, that was just a demo."

Seriously, can a joke fall under copyright?

Say I heard this joke and recreated it here, using my own unique choice of words and phrases. The original theme is not mine. Can I copyright this joke? Is there any precedent in a situation like this?

Duncan McKeever

P.S. Sorry if its an old joke. I've been out of the country for four years. Received on Tue Sep 10 1996 - 12:11:50 GMT

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