Re: Music overdubbing for broadcast

From: Jayne Sebby <jsebby[_at_]>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 96 13:42:10 CDT

Alan Lewine writes:
>> They had never been on national TV before last year when they were
>> one of the NW acts featured on a nationally broadcast PBS show.
>> They perfomed "Amazing Grace" and small takes of a few other songs.
>> However, when broadcast they were shown performing, but another
>> group was heard. They had been "poorly" overdubbed by "a group
>> with a lot less talent". The production editors either screwed up
>> the original soundtrack, or figured if you've heard one "Amazing
>> Grace" you've heard them all.

> I don't know any more facts now, but is there a copyright
> cause of action here?

The copyright cause of action may depend upon what the arrangement was between the singers, the concert arrangers, and the production company (which probably wasn't PBS). I think they would have a stronger case with a breach of contract suit and/or defamation suit. I'd like to know more about the actualities of the situation because this sort of stuff (blatent alteration) is verboten on PBS which is notoriously strict about its standards.

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