re: Re: WEST-THOMSON: DOJ Letters on WEB

From: Thomas Dunn <tdunn[_at_]>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 96 1:05:38 EDT

Carol Sheperd wrote
> I'm not sure how to access the archives to this list. Perhaps...
> somebody could help

CNI lists are accessible via the internet at:


Unfortunately, the individual messages are not threaded by subject. It may be possible to view the archives threaded by subject using newsreader utility...perhaps somebody could help on that one...

Tom Dunn
Northeastern Law '98
tel/fax (617) 247 - 1040

MODERATOR'S NOTE: There is a search engine which can be used to access material in the archives of this list. The search engine can be used to thread the messages, and a whole lot more in addition. This segment is pulled from the welcome and information messages on this list (available from the ListProcessor -- listproc[_at_]

      In addition to the FTP, Gopher, and ListProcessor access to archives    of this list, the Coalition also archives CNI-COPYRIGHT using    a full-text indexing system called BRS/SEARCH. In order to search the    archives using this system:    

      login: brsuser                    (all lower case, no password required)

   Once you have logged in, select '1' on the main menu to "Search/Select a    Database" and then choose the 'COPY' database. Results can be mailed    back to yourself using the 'P/E -- Print Email' function. Be sure to    specify your e-mail address using a fully qualified domain name    

      e.g. user1234                  #not valid
           user1234[_at_]host.domain      #valid

At this time, we do not have a Web interface to the BRS search engine, you'll have to telnet. There are a couple of ways that a Web interface can be used in conjunction with BRS/SEARCH, but I have not had the time to set it up. I am hoping to get this done sometime this fall... Received on Wed Sep 11 1996 - 05:07:39 GMT

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