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Theresa Martin asked:
> Does anyone think a web-specific contract should be different
> than any other type of design/consulting agreement?

Well, yes, actually. With my clients I concentrate on the fact that in many cases, there are many sources for content being provided to be transformed, which the designer needs a license and indemnity to "operate on," as well as many types of things the designer will custom-create. Some, like web objects or Java applets or HTML templates, should be part of the designer's standard web tool box and should therefore be licensed to the client rather than transferred. Other items, the ownership may or may not be transferred. If this spaghetti is not separated out in a responsible manner it could end up being one big huge mess. And I use a big huge "you never really know quite how this thing will interact with browsers or other stuff over the Internet" disclaimer clause. So it's typically more complicated than what I use for traditional graphic design or straightforward custom programming consulting agreements.

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