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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 03:59:03 -0500

I work for a software corporation and we do work for the US government. They hire us to develop a certain type of software thus the copyright is their's. As far as I know anyway.

Scott Carle

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> Fascinating issue. I don't know of any cases involving escheat of
> copyright, but Nimmer (which I am assuming you have already
> consulted), indicates that US copyrights are treated like other
> royalty-producing intangible personal property under state laws.
> In other words, waste rules, joint ownership, and tax treatment of
> personalty apply. I researched adverse possession of copyright a
> couple of years back, another interesting one. At that point in
> time there was actually one case in existence.
> As far as I know, there is no prohibition against a state government
> or any other government, including the federal government, owning a
> copyright and licensing it.
> You might look by analogy to treatment of other income- or royalty-
> producing personalty that has been transferred by escheat, if you
> come up empty.
> My intuition suggests you might very well not find anything. In
> sheer numbers, copyrights as assets having value have proliferated
> since 1978, when they became automatic and much easier to perfect
> and thus harder to lose. I similarly guess there has been less and
> less escheat of property of all types, since longevity has risen and
> since we have entered the information age and it is less likely that
> people die without their heirs being findable. A social scientist
> (or an unsocial scientist) or at the very least someone with an
> extremely strong opinion will surely correct me in the very next
> post, if I am wrong.
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