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On Thursday, September 12, 1996, Joe Lester <jlest2[_at_]> wrote:
> Richard Boyd wrote:
>> Charles McGarry described the Coca-Cola bottle (design patent,
>> trademarked shape, copyright on the label).
>> Just to cover all the bases, I'll add: trade secret recipe inside.
> Can anyone identify the U.S. registration numbers for the Coca Cola
> bottle design patent, trademark and copyright? This would be a great
> teaching example of a multi-protected
> product-design-mark-work-information thing.
> I've noticed the MacDonalds large french fries container, for example,
> displays registered TM notices on the bottom re the design of the
> container as well as circle-R trademark notices adjacent to the "golden
> arches" symbol in two places, and also displays a copyright notice which
> I assume covers ... what ... the original artwork on the container?
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Product configuration trademark may be what McDonald is attempting. Now I will look at their registration and post a copy. If it is product design/configuration, it is part of relatively new trend. It differs from trade dress which is principally product packaging. Have any of you encountered either or seen them distinguished?

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