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The following is an announcement about the University of Dayton School of Law's Scholarly Symposium on COPYRIGHT OWNERS' RIGHTS AND USERS' PRIVILEGES ON THE INTERNET: Issues of Implied Licenses, Caching, Linking, Fair Use, First Sale,and Sign-on Licenses.

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Although I think this announcement may be of interest to the group, I recognize that its educational goals of the program are mixed with the fact that the program costs money and apologize to any who may be offended.

     Bob Kreiss
     Professor of Law and Director, Program in Law and Technology
     University of Dayton School of Law






    COPYRIGHT OWNERS' RIGHTS AND USERS' PRIVILEGES     ON THE INTERNET: Issues of Implied Licenses, Caching,     Linking, Fair Use, First Sale,and Sign-on Licenses

November 1-2, 1996
Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio

The Program in Law and Technology at the University of Dayton School of Law focuses on intellectual property and computer law/cyberspace law. The School of Law offers eight courses in intellectual property law and three courses in computer law/cyberspace law. It is among the leaders in the nation in its couse offerings in these areas.

For the past six years, The Program has organized Advanced Computer Law CLE seminars and Scholarly Symposia and is proud to do so again this year.

FORMAT: The Symposium will bring together leading copyright scholars from academia and leading attorneys from practice for comprehensive discussions in a scholarly symposium. The speakers will present abridged versions of articles they are producing for this Symposium. Interspersed with these presentations will be Open Discussions in which all of the speakers, commentators, and attendees will have the opportunity to comment on, refine, and/or criticize the ideas of the speakers.

ISSUES. The Symposium will focus on questions such as:

  1. When copyright owners place copyrighted material on their World Wide Web site or elsewhere on the internet, what is the scope of use of that material that is permissible under theories such as implied license or fair use? if the copyright owner places an express license with the material, what is the validity of that license, and can it limit or eliminate uses available under theories of implied license or fair use? under what circumstances should on-line licenses be enforced? is it permissible for an on-line service provider to make a mirror image (a cache) of the material for use by its subscribers? Can the copyright owner prevent this activity?
  2. What copyright issues arise if one person, on his or her own World Wide Web site, creates a link to copyrighted material at another site? How should these issues be resolved?
  3. Does the technology and use of the internet threaten or enhance the incentives given to authors to create new copyrighted works? Does it threaten or enhance the public benefit (access to ideas and a variety of expressions of those ideas) sought by the copyright system.
  4. Should copyright's first sale doctrine be applied to copyrighted material distributed on the internet with authority of the copyright owner?

NEED: The rapid expansion of the internet is a technological and cultural phenomenon which is likely to have significant impacts in many areas, one of which is copyright law. The Symposium will focus on some important issues of how copyright law should be applied in the context of the internet.

PURPOSE: The Symposium is designed to encourages critical, reflective thinking by scholars and commentators about some important new copyright issues as applied to the internet. The United States Copyright Office is very interested in these issues and supports this endeavor as part of its ongoing evaluation of copyright law and policy.

PUBLICATION: The scholarly articles will be published in a special Symposium issue of the University of Dayton Law Review in the spring of 1997. The articles will also be available in looseleaf format at the time of the Symposium, although some changes in the articles are likely between that time and the time they appear in the Law Review.

SCHEDULE: Registration will be 8:00 - 8:30 on November 1, 1996. Beverages and pastries will be provided 8:00 - 8:30 both days. The talks and discussion will be 8:30 - 5:00 each day, with mid-morning, lunch, and mid-afternoon breaks.


     Professor of Law;
     Director, Program in Law and Technology
     University of Dayton School of Law
     Dayton, OH

SPEAKERS Howard C. Anawalt

     Professor of Law 
     Santa Clara University
     School of Law
     Santa Clara, CA  

Marci Hamilton
     Professor of Law
     Director, Intellectual Property law Program
     Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
     Yeshiva University
     New York, NY

Trotter Hardy
     Professor of Law
     Marshall-Wythe School of Law 
     College of William & Mary
     Williamsburg, VA 

Andy Johnson-Laird
     Johnson-Laird, Inc.
     Portland, OR 

Dennis S. Karjala
     Professor of Law
     Arizona State University College of Law
     Tempe, AZ

Mark Lemley
     Professor of Law
     University of Texas School of Law
     Of Counsel, Fish & Richardson, P.C.
     Austin, TX

Jessica D. Litman
     Professor of Law
     Wayne State University Law School
     Detroit, MI

David Post 
     Professor of Law
     Georgetown University Law Center
     Washington, D.C.  

David A. Rice
     Professor of Law (on leave)
     S.I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice
     Rutgers University 
     Newark, NJ
     Visiting Professor of Law
     Roger William Univesity School of Law
     Bristol, RI

COMMENTATORS Marybeth Peters

     Register of Copyrights
     United States Copyright Office
     Washington, D.C.

Karen J. Blackwell
     Steinhart & Falconer
     Dayton, OH  

Gregory Gorman
     Computer & Communications Industry Association
     Washington, D.C.

David L. Hayes 
     Chairman of Intellectual Property Practice Group
     Fenwick & West
     Palo Alto, CA

Stephen M. Heaton
     Vice President and General Counsel
     CompuServe Incorporated
     Columbus, OH  

Michael A. Jacobs
     Assistant General Counsel
     Dayton, OH 

Julia Kane
     U S WEST Inc.
     Englewood, CO 

Dean S. Marks
     Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property
     Time Warner Inc.
     New York, NY

John P. McDonald 
     Senior Vice President and General Counsel
     Reuben H. Donnelley Corp.
     Purchase, NY

Lawrence R. Robins
     Trademark/Copyright Counsel
     Digital Equipment Corporation
     Maynard, MA  

Jennifer Weidman
     Vice President/Senior Counsel
     Simon & Schuster
     New York, NY 

Joel R. Wolfson
     NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
     Washington, D.C.

SPONSORS: The University of Dayton School of Law gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following Sponsors of this Scholarly Symposium:

NCR Corp.

U S West, Inc.

Computer & Communications Industry Association

a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc.

Locke Reynolds Boyd & Weisell
(Indianapolis, IN)

REGISTRATION INFORMATION ATTENDANCE WILL BE LIMITED - EARLY REGISTRATION ADVISED: To assure yourself of admission to the Symposium, we urge you to register early. Due to space limitations, attendance will be limited to about 60 registrants.

REGISTRATION FEE: Registration fee is $345 ($395 after October 11. This includes admittance to all Symposium sessions, the printed articles in looseleaf format, a copy of the Symposium issues of the Law Review when published, and continental breakfasts, luncheons, and coffee breaks both days.

CLE CREDIT: CLE credit is expected in Ohio. CLE credit for other states will be applied for upon request.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available which would reduce the registration fee for full-time professors to $175 and for full-time students to $85. Apply in writing, enclose a check for the appropriate amount (check will be returned if application is not accepted), and include a completed registration form.

FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER: The Symposium speakers and commentators are being invited to dinner on Friday night. You may join them by purchasing dinner tickets (see registration form).

THOSE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE PROGRAM: The scholarly articles in looseleaf format can be purchased for $75. They will be available shortly after Nov. 2. A copy of the Symposium issue of the University of Dayton Law Review will be provided after it is published.

REFUND: Refund of the Registration Fee, less a $35 handling charge, will be given for cancellations received by Oct. 25, 1996. Refunds will not be issued after that date.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Registrants are responsible for making their own reservations. A block of rooms has been set aside at the Crowne Plaza Dayton, across from the Dayton Convention Center. To receive the special discount rate ($77.00/single or double) make your reservations before October 11 and identify yourself as a University of Dayton School of Law Symposium attendee for the Nov. 1-2 program. Call Crowne Plaza, 1-800-468-3571.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Registration will be 8:00 - 8:30 on November 1. The talks and discussions will be 8:30 - 5:00 each day, with midmorning,  mid-afternoon, and lunch breaks.

SYMPOSIUM SITE: Dayton Convention Center, 22 East 5th St., Dayton, OH.

QUESTIONS: For further information, please contact Andrea Hamilton, Special Programs Secretary, 513-229-2367.


              3 WAYS TO REGISTER
     Register by PHONE: (513) 229-2367
     Register by FAX: (513) 229-2469
     Or MAIL to: The University of Dayton School of Law
          Internet Law Symposium
          300 College Park
          Dayton, OH  45469-1320

[ ] Yes, please register me for the Symposium

Early Bird Registration Fee $345 (by Oct. 11) $ ________

( ) Friday night dinner tickets ($40 each) $ ________

                                   Total          $ ________

                * * * * *

[ ] NO, I cannot attend the Symposium, but please send me the
looseleaf articles plus the special Symposium issue of the Law Review

Articles plus Symposium Law Review issue ($75) $ ________

Ohio residents add $4.88 sales tax                $ ________

                                   Total          $ ________


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