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Joe Lester asks:
> Can anyone identify the U.S. registration numbers for the Coca
> Cola bottle design patent, trademark and copyright? This would
> be a great teaching example of a multi-protected
> product-design-mark-work-information thing.

Yes, anyone can.

But seriously, the way in which one would go about identifying the registrations (unless a cni subscriber just happens to have them all on hand) would be to look them up by doing patent, trademark, and copyright searches. This can be done most economically (money but not time-wise) on CD-ROM at a federal depository library, if you know what you are doing. 2D/3D copyright I don't think there is much if any online access to, because the online database searchable at the Copyright Office internet site does not include everything registered, only certain types of registrations for certain periods of years, with big gaps. So, you could pay the Copyright Office or an agency in Washington to do the copyright search for you. Or if you have access through Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, and Dialog for Trademarkscan, just zap through to them that way.

The easiest method would be to pick up the phone and call Coca Cola world headquarters, legal department, intellectual property subdepartment, and ask a human. I bet they have all their registration numbers on hand. They might even fax you copies of them, for free, if it's for educational purposes.

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