From: Martha Luehrmann <Martha_Luehrmann[_at_]>
Date: 13 Sep 1996 16:20:14 -0700

On 9/13/96 John Lederer said:
> Might there be something fundmentally wrong with the Berne
> convention's premise that *all* material should be locked up in the
> vaults of licensing?
> The political discourse, the advancement of science, the sharing of
> ideas that our founders regarded with such importance seem to have
> become minor anomalous exceptions under a system whose overriding
> imperative seems to be to be to avoid the possibility that people
> may not pay for their videos.

Hear, hear, John. The one that got me most was the 'Church' of Scientology which hides behind its status as a church when that suits its purposes, but objects to having some of its actions brought into the light of public scrutiny by claiming copyright. Imagine if Nixon had successfully insisted on copyright to the infamous tapes. Or if a confessed killer could prevent his confession from being aired in court on copyright grounds. The goal of increased discourse and disclosure must be kept paramount.

Martha Luehrmann
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