copyright issues of brief summaries

From: Mary Hyde <MHYDE[_at_]>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 12:54:20 -0500

This request has come to me from one of my patrons and I think this list would be the best place for me to find an answer.

The request is that a subgroup of my organization is interested in adding to their Web site a place where member planners would share reviews of relevant articles in management journals, etc. The idea would be that a member would be responsible for following a certain journal and writing up brief summaries of articles of interest. These summaries might include brief quotations from the articles.

Our question is: Does this pose any concerns about copyright issues? I don't know if this is a question you can easily answer, but any advice would be most welcome since I am starting from ground zero! Thanks.

Please reply directly to me at mhyde[_at_]

Thank you,

Mary Hyde, Librarian, AAMC
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