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                                         September 17, 1996

                     * NEW URGENT CALL TO ACTION ISSUED *

        Writers' groups have been told there's no room for them on the
witness list for Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a plan to revamp the U.S. Copyright Office. The proposal, which critics say could quintuple copyright registration fees and stunt the growth of the Library of Congress, is back from a near-death experience and under attack again by authors.

        The bill (S.1961), sponsored by committee chairman Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, would uproot the Copyright Office from the Library of Congress, where its registration copies of published and unpublished works have built the Congressional library into one of the great research centers of the world. Copyright operations would be merged with the patent and trademark offices, now in the Commerce Department, in a new superagency to be called the U.S. Intellectual Property Organization.

        When Hatch first proposed the legislation in July, the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) broadcast an Internet appeal, asking its members and other freelance writers to press for a delay. Other organizations for writers and photographers and bar associations joined in criticizing the speed and secrecy surrounding the plan and in recommending extensive public study and discussion of the idea of including the Copyright Office in the new agency. Senators' offices were flooded with messages urging that the plan be delayed. The hearing was scrapped--for a while.

        Now it's on again, but extensive public study and discussion seems not to be on the agenda. Committee staffers have been telling authors' representatives they're welcome to send written testimony, but don't bother dropping by. ASJA President Claire Safran says her request for a spot on the hearing calendar has been met with silence. Paul Aiken, executive director of the Authors Guild, says he was told not to hold his breath.

        "It's a shame the committee seems uninterested in hearing from the very people who would be most affected by this proposal," said Safran. In written testimony filed with the committee today, she recommended a delay until next session, adding, "At that time, should you want to bring this bill forward, we hope that you will schedule hearings that will allow for the voices of all interested parties to be heard."

        Meantime, faced with rumors that the bill may be rushed into the Senate machinery right after the hearing on Wednesday, ASJA again this week suggested that writers and others interested in copyright issues immediately weigh in with a message to Senators Hatch and Joseph R. Biden, telling them to pull the Copyright Portion of the bill, at least until there can be substantial discussion by the interested and the affected. For those from committee members' territories, ASJA provides contact information:

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