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From: Harold Federow <hfederow[_at_]>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 09:46:14 -0800

On Mon, 16 Sep 96, CUMBR[_at_] (Cumbow,Robert-SEA) wrote:
> Andrew Friedman wrote:

>> what action could Cindy Crawford take if a photograph of her is
>> digitally altered or combined with a nude photograph of another
>> women so that it appears to be Cindy's nude body.  I imagine
>> rights of privacy and or publicity are implicated and wonder if
>> the online service would be liable in any way

> Since CC has already posed nude, it is hard to imagine a right of
> privacy violation. If the use were not commercial, there could be
> no right of publicity claim. But this is an intriguing question
> irrespective of whether the person whose face is used is a celebrity
> or not. Depending on what body it is grafted onto, and what that
> body is doing, there might be a cause of action for defamation. Can
> a purely visual image, without words, be defamatory if it purports
> to show an identifiable person doing something that she in fact has
> not done?

A good question.

One way to think about this might be: all the tabloids stories on how OJ Simpson is guilty, or faking pictures of him in some guilty pose or other. Since he's been found not guilty, it must be defamatory I would think. (THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO DISCUSS THE MERITS) Harold Federow
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