Re: Info required on Hawthorn Books Inc

From: Jayne Sebby <jsebby[_at_]>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 96 13:56:19 CDT

> I need to get permission to use old (turn of the century) photos of
> clowns Footit and Chocolat, which appeared in the publication Clowns
> by John H Towsen, published by Hawthorn Books Inc, New York in 1976.


Is there a photo credit list anywhere in the book? Towsen had to get them from somewhere. And chances are good that they're already in the public domain. You might also check the U.S. Copyright Office to see if the photos were registered there or, if the clowns were associated with a particular circus, with the headquarters of that circus.

Jayne Sebby
Nebraska ETV
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