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I suspect what is patented in PKZIP is the algorithm, which is essentially a mathematical device. The software, an expression and elaboration of the algorithm, is code under copyright. As you say, the trademark covers the name.

Dan agin

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> Dan Agin writes:
> >
> > PKZIP, the compression software, evidently has a patent number,
> > a copyright registration, and a trademark registration. That's a
> > single item, not something with multiple parts each under
> > different protection.
> A little hair splitting: it's true this is a single item of manufacture,
> but once again, different qualities are being protected by different
> modes.
> I haven't looked at the patent, but I suspect that it is for the data
> structure of the compression utility itself, and it is probably
> language-independent, ie, if at all possible software claims should
> read on the data structure and should be independent of platform.
> In contrast, while the software copyright would extend from literal
> code down to the "structure, sequence and organization" of the code,
> it is the code as actually written that is being protected. But I
> grant that SSO protection provides a fair amount of theoretical overlap
> with patent protection for the very same thing.
> The trademark protection has nothing to do with the code. It would be
> the name "PKZIP" that would be protected by trademark, so there is no
> overlap.
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