Copyright of DNA

From: Martha Luehrmann <Martha_Luehrmann[_at_]>
Date: 19 Sep 1996 17:37:52 -0700

Fun patent-copyright questions for all. This is a cross-posting from Techno-L by Allegra Helfenstein, and it was in response to some of CNI's discussion regarding whether copyrighted software could mess up the Best Mode requirement in a patent.

--Martha Luehrmann

Date: 9/17/96 12:17 PM
From: Allegra Helfenstein
....If the computer industry is able to copyright functional, factual information like computer code, and also patent applications that result, has anyone successfully copyrighted biological code (e.g. nucleic acid or amino acid) and also patented the application? Has anyone tried?

What will happen if recent developments that utilize DNA "programming" for certain computer applications become a commercial reality (this futuristic idea was in the news about a year ago based on some initial interesting results at Princeton, but is not something I even pretend to understand) ?

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