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Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 08:33:01 -0400

On 09/18/96, "Martha Luehrmann" <Martha_Luehrmann[_at_]> said:
> My guess, Chris, is no. The situation you wrote of is not one where
> someone is copying material from a web site, which may certainly be a
> violation of copyright if it is not either done under a fair use or
> done with permission. If someone establishes a link to your web page,
> it is still YOU who is doing the publishing. They are not copying
> anything with or without your permission. They merely are offering a
> convenient way for people to reach your publications.

I understand what you are saying and agree with it.

Doesn't the indistinguishability of the one case to the other without digging into the technical details of which url points where suggest that "copying" is no longer a definitive act for purposes of intellectual property?

To further cloud the situation, note that my browser automatically wrote the document to disk when I looked at it, and moreover, that I may have received the document from a cache somewhere en route.


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