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From: Harold Federow <hfederow[_at_]>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 09:56:33 -0800

On 19 Sep 1996, Martha_Luehrmann[_at_] (Martha Luehrmann) wrote:
> Date: 9/17/96 12:17 PM
> From: Allegra Helfenstein
> ...If the computer industry is able to copyright functional, factual
> information like computer code, and also patent applications that result,
> has anyone successfully copyrighted biological code (e.g. nucleic acid or
> amino acid) and also patented the application? Has anyone tried?
> What will happen if recent developments that utilize DNA "programming" for
> certain computer applications become a commercial reality (this futuristic
> idea was in the news about a year ago based on some initial interesting
> results at Princeton, but is not something I even pretend to understand) ?
> thx,
> AllegraHelfenstein[_at_]

There was a major debate, a few years ago, in the scientific literature about the NIH decision to patent sequences of the human genome resulting from the mapping effort now underway.

I'm not sure how many patents have been issued on human, or other, DNA, but I do believe they are out there. You might post this on patent-l, the patent list.

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