Re: Links to copyrighted material

From: Brian Lewis <lawman[_at_]>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 10:28:44 -0700

On 9/18/96, Carl Oppedahl wrote:
> Someone has set up a link to my Web site without my permission --
> what can I do?

I use the direct approach - an e-mail to the author thanking them for enhancing the hits on your sight would probably be sufficient. That is, while protecting your IP is important, you must want people to visit your web sight or you wouldn't put it out there. Moreover, the pointer is not confusing people as to the source of the work (e.g. no trademark issue) and is neither claiming authorship of your work nor republishing your work (e.g. no copyright issue).

At essence, I have trouble understanding why someone would not want to have other sights direct traffic to their sight.

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