Re: Web Designer Agreements

From: Dirceu Pereira de Santa Rosa <dpsrosa[_at_]>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 01:14:07 -0300

On 9/11/96, Teresa Martin wrote:
> Michael Landau <lawmbl[_at_]> wrote:
>> Does anyone have a copy --or have access to a copy -- of an Agreement
>> with a Web Site Designer?
>> If so, could you please send one to me.
> We've been using fairly standard consulting/design agreements. Does
> anyone think a web-specific contract should be different than any
> other type of design/consulting agreement?

If anyone ever made a copy of a web designing agreement, I'd be grateful to recieve one. I did one myself and found it to be a little more confusing than I was expecting it to be ( although it worked out in my client's behalf)

Dirceu Pereira
Rio - Brazil
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