Re: Re: Re: Use of Company Trademark, etc.

From: Wallace J.McLean <ag737[_at_]>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 18:40:00 -0500

> Yes, but this is a straw-man argument. The original question had
> to do with copying things from companies' web sites.

Yes. Things. Information. I quote:

"I would like to publish a list (for profit) that would list manufacturers model and serial numbers of certain products. A brief history of the company/product may be included. The company/product history is typically general information that could be obtained from various sources, but in most cases I have gathered this information from the company websites. I assume this is copyrighted information. Must I obtain permission from each company to use this info?"

"Information" is not, and cannot be, copyrighted.

There is no direct suggestion from the original post that the exact CONTENT of those websites would be reproduced. If a website describes how the Acme Super-Dooper Grapple Grommit went into production on February 8, 1983, ANYONE can make use of that fact.

The exact words in which the history of the Acme Super-Dooper Grapple Grommit on the Acme Co.'s site would be copyrighted.

The fact that Acme produced the Acme Super-Dooper Grapple Grommit, or other raw information, mere facts, about the Acme Super-Dooper Grapple Grommit, are not, and cannot be, copyrighted.  

> That, it seems to me, would be copying expression.

Where in the original post did the author say he would copy the websites?

"information" != expression.

> Whether such copying is implicitly licensed by virtue of
> putting the site up in the first place, is another matter, as is
> whethertaking little snippets would be fair use, or whether a
> company would ever care under the circumstances.

All use of published facts or information is fair. You cannot copyright a mere fact or mere information. Received on Thu Jan 05 2006 - 04:40:00 GMT

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