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From: Joseph Pietro Riolo <josephpietrojeungriolo[_at_]>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 15:20:00 -0500

On 1/26/06, J. Noble <jfnbl[_at_]> wrote:
> .... That probably doesn't matter in the case of software,
> which is unlikely to be used or useful when the termination right
> arises 35 years after the license is granted.

I think that the perception that software will not be very useful in very long period of time is changing. We are beginning to see the increasing number of software that really does last more than 35 years.

> Author grants licensee an irrevocable, [exclusive/non-exclusive?]
> perpetual license to all of Licensor's rights in and to the Work,
> including but not limited to the author's rights under the Copyright
> Act.

Why mention "irrevocable" when it is not true? It is best to leave it out the license. Although it will shorten the length of license by only one word, it will spare many questions and misunderstandings for the next 35 years.

Joseph Pietro Riolo

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